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Funeral Planning

We believe that the funeral service has at least three primary purposes: one, to mourn the death of the deceased; two, to give thanks to God for the life of the deceased; and three, to hear God's word of comfort and hope for the living.

The Christian funeral is a service of worship that encourages the active involvement of the congregation. Normally the funerals of practicing Christians are to be held in the church where their worship lives centered. If a funeral is held outside the church, it should still include congregational participation. Congregational singing and participation in the prayers are strongly encouraged.

The family will meet with the pastor(s) to plan for the funeral service. This meeting should be scheduled as soon as possible. The time and date of the service need to be finalized in consultation with the pastor. If the deceased has left formal or informal instructions for the funeral service, those instructions will be incorporated into the planning process. The family can assist the process by beginning to respond to the following items prior to meeting the pastor. The family is also encouraged to consult with the Director of Music to discuss music for the service. Final preparations will be made during the meeting. The church secretary will prepare the bulletin in consultation with the pastor and the family.

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